We believe that men, as an entity of nature, should be able to experience nature safely and freely.

Hikingbook provides innovative solutions to mountain-lovers and builds a fully supportive community for hikers from around the world.

Explore the woods. Feel the challenge. Learn humility. Let Hikingbook be your guide.

We believe in safer and more intuitive ways to explore the woods。Our innovative technology takes mountain-lovers around the world to their destinations safely and freely. We build a fully supportive community where hikers from everywhere can share and build connection. Over 30,000 mountain-lovers have trusted Hikingbook as their guide into the mountains, and have recorded over 7,000 hikes from around the world.


Zheng-Xiang Ke

Ke, Zheng-Xiang

Founder / CEO / Software Engineer

Jen Liao
Liao, Yun-Jen

Co-founder / CMO

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