We believe that human beings, as part of nature, can explore the outdoors with freedom and safety, reveling in the unique experiences it generously offers.

Hikingbook provides friendly, integrated and reliable services for all outdoor lovers, helping them prepare, navigate, and find new inspirations for their next adventure.

More than 200,000 trust Hikingbook to accompany them on their journeys and to record unforgettable moments for each adventure.


Outdoor lovers
Take Hikingbook with them on their adventure


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2,800,000+ km

Total Distance Recorded
That's 70 trips around Earth! What a number


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At Hikingbook, everything we do
is guided by our core values: UIETOE

User First
Always think about users. All else will follow.
Focus on continuous improvements. There’s no perfect product.
Get the most important things done and create impact. Make mistakes rather than miss opportunity.
Keep everyone informed even if it’s bad news. Keep no secrets.
Be open-minded for difference. Share your thoughts whenever needed.
Dare to explore the unknown and stay curious. "The riskiest thing is to take no risks."


Ke, Zheng-Xiang
Ke, Zheng-Xiang
Founder / CEO
Avid mountain lover. Passionate tech product builder. Committed to craft services to accompany outdoor lovers to explore safely and freely.
Liao, Yun-Jen
Liao, Yun-Jen
Co-founder / CMO
Devoted explorer of culture. Curious learner of technology. Seeks to create positive impact with action.
Chia-Wei, Lin
Chia-Wei, Lin
UI/UX Product Designer
Loves to try out all kinds of digital tech products. Owns PS & Switch but rarely switches on. Hikes occassionally.
Fang Yang
Fang Yang
Product Marketing Specialist
Heading to the mountains.
Riley Lei
Riley Lei
iOS App Developer
Keen to realize the unique value of software development through the App & solve life problems with good product.

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