Safety Watch

Stay Connected and Safe as You Explore the Outdoors

Have Peace of Mind

Knowing Your Loved Ones Watch out for You

Sense of Security

Appoint Safety Contacts who Watch out for You

You can appoint multiple family members or friends as your Safety Contacts for each hike. Simply finish setup in the app, and they will receive highlights of your hike automatically, allowing them to keep an eye out for you should you need any help.
Real-Time GPS Tracking

Your Current Location, Always Updated

Turn on Safety Watch, and your appointed Safety Contacts will be able to see your current location on a private webpage with map. Even if they are not familiar with outdoor activities, they are still able to see where you are clearly.

In case you need help, they can pass the private page to rescue team, which could greatly speed up the search and rescue efforts with rescuers knowing your previous locations.

Realtime GPS tracking requires you to have data connection to update your location on map. If you are temporarily disconnected, the system will automatically monitor connection status and send update once there is connection.
Speed is Key

Send Important Messages in Seconds

Data connection in the mountains can be unstable most of the time. That's why we need to send messages in the shortest time possible. With every message sent via Safety Watch, your current location and the link to your real-time location are automatically attached to the message, saving you precious time.

Should you need help, you can send messages directly to the local rescue team, buying as much time as possible.

*In Taiwan, rescue messages will be sent to local fire departments, who are responsible for all search and rescue tasks in the mountains.
The Last Line of Defense

Overdue Alert

Outdoor activities are accompanied by risks. What can you do if you need rescue but could not contact your family or friends?

This is where Alert Time in Safety Watch plays a crucial role! Just set up a reasonable Alert Time before setting out, and your family or friends will be notified once you are overdue, with helpful advice on how to contact rescue authorities.

Overdue Alert is the last line of defense in case of emergencies. Let your loved ones find the help you need, even when they are out of reach from you.

Hiking On Your Own?
You Will Not Be Alone.

Even if you hike on your own, without teammates to look after you, you will never be alone.

Just turn on Safety Watch, and let your loved ones look after you on the other side of the screen.

Stay connected and safe, and feel more secured when you hike with Safety Watch.

Endorsed by Outdoor Lovers

  • 戶外旅遊部落客
    山女孩 Melissa x Mao 冒險生活
  • 山系戶外部落客
    M'wilder Couple 山系卡波
    即使妳的家人/朋友沒有接觸爬山,有了 Hikingbook的四大安全守護-即時定位、留守人機制、一鍵傳送訊息、超時提醒,也能輕鬆且安心地掌握行程。
  • 山野玩家
    李瑞克 v.Trekker

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SUPERACE Alishan Ultra Marathon, 2021 & 2022

Have Qestions about Safety Watch? We Have Answers.

Data connection is required when you turn on Safety Watch, in order to properly set up Safety Contacts. It is advised to complte set up where you have good data connection.

No, your Safety Contacts can see your location on a private webpage with map. No app is required.

No, there are no restrictions on membership or device.

The webpage on which your current location is shown is a private page with unique link, meaning only the people who know the link will be able to see it. It is advised to appoint only your trusted family and friends as your Safety Contacts.

Progress you make during the hike will be displayed on the private page that your Safety Contacts have access to. They can simply pass the link to the rescue team and they will be al be to see the same information.

Even when you hike in areas without data connection, Safety Watch still functions in ways that help ensure your safety:
  1. Safety Watch constantly monitors connection status, and will send out your current location once coneection is restored, without you having to perform any actions.
  2. While current location is not updated constantly, the other aspects of the feature still work normally, including Overdue Alert. If you are overdue, your Safety Contacts will be notified immediately, to ensure no time is lost to reach out for help.
In cases of emergencies or accidents, rescue teams will be able to narrow search area with knowledge of your past progress, to increase the change of finding you in a shorter time.

We do not recommend replacing satellite phones with Safety Watch, as satellite phones provide nearly 100% communicability when making contact with family and friends. We believe the best practice is to use these two complementarily, in order to have the best possible protection.

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